True to its tradition as an innovator, Equiline has created X-Shape, its breeches with impeccable fit and push up effect. Made of breathable and elastic fabric, it shapes the figure giving an important support thanks to ergonomic cuts and high-performance seams while giving great freedom of movement. A technology that improves microcirculation and, thanks to micro-compression, reduces muscle fatigue ensuring a rapid recovery of physical stress, a reduction in muscle stiffness resulting in an improved posture. All X-Shape technology trousers are treated with the exclusive X-Grip silicone technology that guarantees excellent stability in the saddle.


The innovative X-Grip Equiline technology, a silicone application on the 4-Way-Stretch microfibre pants allows the rider an excellent grip in the saddle, high comfort and a clear freedom of movement. The excellent hold of the leg resting on the saddle also favours a lower muscular effort. Available in knee grip, half grip or full seat grip versions.

X-Cool evo
Tessuto performante e piacevole da indossare. Molto traspirante e idrorepellente il tessuto X-Cool Evo bi-strech assicura una perfetta ergonomia e libertà di movimento. Dedicato in particolare ai capi di competizione.
High-performance fabric that feels great to wear. The breathable, elasticised X-Premium fabric dries easily, giving a pleasing sensation of comfort. Particularly dedicated to competition apparel.
The silicon-treated fabric ensures great stability, absolute freedom of movement and excellent comfort.
E-Plus Superior
E-Plus Superior combines three di erent essential and complementary characteristics: elasticity, performance and durability. EPS ensures optimum comfort and durability over time.
Stretch Fastening System
Technical fastening at the bottom of the leg, to ensure that the breeches adhere perfectly to the ankle without any need for adjustable velcro.
4 Way Stretch
Elasticised textile o ering superior comfort and great freedom of movement.
Water Repellent
A special fabric treatment to provide a good degree of water resistance while maintaining very good breathability.
AG Plus
Silver ions. Antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Heat balance microclimate. Highly breathable. High resistance.
Shock Absorber
Bonded with ACS2, this construction with excellent capacity to absorb knocks and bumps is not subject to the shape memory effect. Its special structure with intercrossing filaments absorbs impacts and distributes pressure over the entire surface, instantly reducing their intensity.
Air Control System - ACS2
The fruit of exacting research performed in collaboration with the riders from the Equiline team. This unique combination of materials is designed to en- sure excellent breathability. It keeps the fabrics fresh and dry thanks to its two-way air ow.
Air Control System - ACS3
This is the evolution of the ACS2 system. A unique combination of materials, designed to ensure maximum breathability (82% dispersion of sweat and moisture after 60 min.) and absolute comfort for the horse, thanks to the speed with which sweat is dispersed, keeping the animal's back fresh and dry.
Shock Absorber Plus
Bonded with ACS3, the combination of Air Space Fibre and Paddingshell materials serves as a special and highly e ective shock absorber. Its spe- cial structure with intercrossing laments absorbs impacts and distributes pressure over the entire surface, instantly reducing their intensity (up to 30% less than traditional saddle pads).
A special fabric treatment to provide perfect waterproo ng while maintaining an excellent level of breathability, even in the most unfavourable conditions.
Eco Friendly
Natural ecru covering ensures that no dyes come into contact waith the horse's back, as well as helping to protect the environment.
SLE Sound Less Ear net
Multilayered construction: upper and lower layers in hypoallergenic cot- ton with antibacterial treatment, inner layer in soundproof material to mu e ambient noise.
Grip Plus
GRIP PLUS by EQUILINE is designed to give optimum hold and stability of the saddle on the saddle pad, maintaining a perfect position throughout performances. Grip Plus guarantees maximum breathability.
Save the withers
Innovative system designed to follow the horse's body shape. Its ergonomic shape prevents the back problems of the horse leaving the withers free.
Improve Posture & Reduce Pain
Technology that comes from the combination of materials whose shape and density is specially designed in order to better stabilize the saddle and the correct attitude of the rider.
Therapeutic ceramics IR-CERAMICS
Therapeutic ceramics promote warmth as a thermal barrier, enhancing blood circulation.
Breathable fabric.
Maschine Washable
Maschine washable.
Detachable surcingles
Removable cross surcingles that can be removed from both sides.