Flat seat with special flap projection and position of the stirrrup-strap used in the hunting discipline, cushions upholstered in T-Flex.
Removable front swell and rear cantle.
The Coreshield and IGS technologies are used.
Lined and upholstered leather flaps.


EQUILINE CST CORESHIELD TECHNOLOGY TREE WITH MODULAR RETICULAR INJECTION SYSTEM. The new generation of EQUILINE arches was created to ensure greater well-being to the horse. It is the result of collaboration, between saddle technicians and laboratory technicians, of the analysis of negative torsional processes during work in the three disciplines: jumping, dressage and cross country. Sudden and abnormal movements increase these torsional processes, negatively affecting the stability of the tree and stressing the skeletal-muscular structure of the horse in an anomalous manner. The resulting discomfort on the one hand reduces the performance of the horse, generating painful contractures over time, on the other hand it stresses the long fibres of the arch, drastically reducing its qualities of elasticity and reactivity, peculiarities of synthetic fibres. CORESHIELD TECHNOLOGY, Equiline's reticular-modular injection system supports the macromolecules in the lattice, creating greater stability in the points where it is needed with a very limited and fast torsional return. The result is a significant reduction in the stress of the material and the consequences for the horse, therefore: - a more stable and responsive arch and therefore a constant distribution of the masses, even in the most demanding of situations; - the integrity of materials, even after prolonged stress; - the maintenance of the elasticity and flexibility of the frame; - maximum comfort for the horse; - maximum comfort for the rider.

"IGS (Integrated Gel System) technology, patented by Equiline, takes advantage of the properties of a synthetic polyester material that receives much processing to acquire its exclusive characteristics: versatility, ""memory"", reliability and durability. •Absorbs shock vibrations to the pelvis and lower back. •Reduces biomechanical stress. •Promotes optimal posture. •Reduces muscle tension in the pelvic region. •Reduces the vibration felt on the horse back."