May 10,2019


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Starting from January with the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup in Leipzig, Equiline Youngster Cup continue with its second stage at the Longines Global Champions Tour and Spring – und Dressur – Derby in Hamburg from 29 May to 2 June.

The second stage of Equiline Youngster Cup will see young seven- and eight-years old horses, that will measure their talents into the legendary arena of the Derby Platz.

Right here and with the Youngster Cup, started amazing careers of brilliant horses!

Watching the final results list of these competitions, it’s possible see horses’ names who wrote the history. Is for this reason that Equiline Youngster Cup is very important for all international and professional riders. In this minor league dedicated to young seven- and eight-years old horses, world ranking riders have the possibility to train their green horses for competitions in a very important atmosphere like Hamburg Derby. For example, in 2010, Nick Skelton started his career with Big Star during the occasion of the Youngster Cup. Six years later Nick won, with the same horse, the Olympic Gold Medal of Rio de Janeiro finishing at the higher point his career and that of his horse.

Therefore, we are waiting for big names of riders and promising horses during this stage of Equiline Youngster Cup! Hamburg participants will have the first qualification on Wednesday, May 29 and the final on Friday,31 May. Saturday instead, will be dedicated to the famous Speed Derby entitled “Equiline”. Equiline Official and Equiline Saddle Division will be present in Hamburg with their stand to show you all the latest news! There will be a lot of events meet&greet with our worldwide testimonials! Don’t lost the occasion to visit us and…

There will be a lot of events meet&greet with our worldwide testimonials!
Don’t lost the occasion to visit us and…
Stay tuned in order to don’t lose all the live and the results, to discover the timeline to obtain the autograph of your favorite champion and to don’t lose the special atmosphere of Hamburg arena! 

During this occasion we’ve also a special surprise for you!
See you in Hamburg! 


Deutsches Spring- und Dressur – Derby, Hamburg, 29 May – 2 June 2019

OWL Challenge, 12-15 September 2019

MUNICH INDOOR, 21-24 November 2019