May 10,2019


Major is the new saddle model entering the Equiline Saddle Division. Presented at Spoga Horse 2019, the Major is the perfect mix of tradition and innovation. 

This saddle is built with the customization of every single characteristic, in order to accommodate the needs of both horse and rider, for guaranteed well-being. Hand-selected, top quality Italian full-grain calf leather hides; oiled with natural tanning procedures, ensure the end product is environmentally friendly. The specialized tanning process requires a very slow maturing time and results in a very durable, yet supple and soft leather for optimal grip from the first ride. Flat-french style enlarged light seat position.

Available with new panels Techno Air, cushions padded in heat-sensitive fiber or T-Flex version. Removable front swell. Flaps in printed or doubled leather.


The Coreshield technology: reticular-modular injection system; where the macromolecules are circumscribed in the reticulum to create greater stability in the points where it interacts with te torsional return, limiting and decreasing the stress of the material and the negative consequences for the horse.

IGS technology: patented by Equiline takes advantage of the properties of a synthetic polyester: absorbs shock vibrations, reduces biomechanics stress, promotes optimal posture, reduces muscle tension in the pelvic region. Techno Air Panel: revolutionary panel which assures extreme comfort and optimum balance of the saddle for top performance. The ACS3 (Shock Absorber Plus System) creates a layer of air inside the panel ensuring greater stability of the saddle due to and even distribution of pressure. This technology enhances comfort for the horse’s back. Acting as a spring, absorbing the energy from impacts, preventing any negative pressure points and consequent muscular pain.