June 13,2019


In Equiline, social and environmental responsibility is the heart of our strategy.

It is not just an ethical need, but it is also one of the main drivers of innovation that guides all the choices we make, from the design and the choice of raw materials to supply sources and logistics chain. Ride into green is a 360 ° commitment that Equiline has taken and made its own, becoming part of its DNA, therefore consistent with its mission, its vision and its values: eco-compatibility, sustainability, responsibility towards the environment, low environmental impact of production processes.


Equiline has developed a strategy that is fully integrated at every level of the company, creating a value cycle implemented from year to year. We pay scrupulous attention to searching raw materials that meet certain sustainability standards, without neglecting the processing techniques used, and with a scrupulous management of wastes.

We’ve brought our commitment and respect to the environment and its biodiversity in the heart of our heritage: our saddle pads are made with eco-friendly textile fibers and materials. The saddle pads inside is made of ecru fabric, a material whose raw fibers are kept unchanged at their natural state and coloring; and, ecological cotton in our garments, is obtained from cultivations, treatments and processes with low environmental impact. In the company and for production processes we’ve reduced waste and impacts, obtaining part of the energy we need from renewable sources. In the coming years our intent will be to constantly and continuously improve these performances. Even the logistics chain is fully involved in the Corporate Social Responsibility in which we are active, we’ve reduced waste volume and plastic in the packaging and we’ve choose 100% recyclable and reusable paper shoppers for the end consumer.

LOOKING AT THE FUTURE The commitment undertaken will continue by reducing waste, production waste and packaging, introducing shoppers that are not only recyclable, but also obtained from recycling processes. Equiline's dream is to obtain all energy we need only from renewable sources, avoiding wasted water. Finally, Equiline is planning to create a totally green capsule collection, this to convey our values and our commitments directly to the final consumer, raising their conscious awareness and their responsible use of their resources; and finally showing them, how they can positively contribute to the preservation our planet. Finally, we consider our commitment, a starting point, with which we want to be together with all the other people who want to take care of environment and who don’t want to contribute in negative way causing damage; always improving continuously ourselves.